The Galatea-project

The Galatea-project is a research collaboration of Delft University of Technology and Wageningen University. The project focusses on undulatory fin propulsion. Undulatory fin propulsion is a technique found in nature, used by species which excel in manoeuvrability. For example sea horses, cuttle fish, rays and knife fish all evolved to a similar propulsion system. Research into an integral propulsive solution that comprises an undulatory fin as its main propeller can result in a highly manoeuvrable underwater vehicle with a minimal impact on the environment.

One of the objectives of the Galatea-project is to develop, to design, build and test a bio-inspired Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, a so called AUV. Initially the AUV will operate as a research platform to investigate the unique propulsion system.

For more information feel free to contact Tim Vercruyssen or Sebastian Henrion by mail(at)galatea-project(dot)com